VALO-SVETLINA Strengthening holistic wellbeing for families

Our aim is to strengthen the holistic well-being of families in risk of exclusion. The families will find the right services at the right time. Additionally, we develop new ways for the professionals encountering families with children to identify and break the cycle of disadvantage.
The aim is to strengthen the cooperation and communication of professionals working with families with children in South East Finland. As a result the network of professionals working with families with children in South East Finland is intensified and the awareness of the service network and its roles has increased.

The opportunities for inclusion of low-income families are limited, and inequality is reflected, for example, as a lack of hobbies for children and the whole family. To achieve social inclusion the disadvantaged families need support from right services at the right time, finding the family’s resources and strengths by compassionate growth, and gaining social relationships through hobbies and comparisons.

For the families the aim is to start a circle of good, to strengthen their self-esteem, to identify the family’s own resources, for example, with the help of a welfare.
As a result of the strengthening of overall well-being, the person’s ability to work and function is improved and the family’s own resources are available. In families, this may mean improving the prospects for working capacity or employment of one or both of the parents.

The objectives of the project are divided into four themes:

  1. Early recognition of the families in danger of deprivation and social exclusion
  2. The vulnerable families in danger of social exclusion will find the right services at the right time
  3. Empowering families, finding their strengths and improving social inclusion
  4. Transnational cooperation to strengthen the inclusion of vulnerable families

”VALO-SVETLINA Strengthening holistic wellbeing for families” is a transnational project in cooperation with the Project ”Early child development opportunities for Roma children from Sungurlare – EDOR” of Sungurlare municipality (Bulgaria)and the Project ”Emanzipatie Via Arpeid vzw EVA (Belgium). The project is managed by the Center of Expertice on Social Welfare in South-East Finland and our national project partner is the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences – Xamk.

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